Review by Alison W.
United Kingdom, on Feb 19, 2021

Olaf is the sweetest fox, lovely soft mohair, beautifully made, Anastasia is a lovely artist to deal with, really pleased with my purchase. Thank you 😊💖

Thank you so much!
Anastasia Kuptsova
Review by Daniela S.
Switzerland, on Feb 17, 2021

Bertie ist bei mir angekommen! Mit seinem süssen Lächeln versüsst er mir jeden Tag! Ich bin Glücklich!! 1000 Dank❤️❤️

Vielen Dank, Daniela :)
Anastasia Kuptsova
Review by Alexa F.
United Kingdom, on Feb 12, 2021

Absolutely beautiful bear and so so sweet.... She is wonderfully made, with the cutest of expression, and so many amazing details to look at... The eyelids, the eyelashes, the lovely smile, the cardigan with beaded hood... I love her ❤️ She arrived perfectly wrapped as usual, a very talented artist and trusted seller, you can buy with confidence!!
❤️ Thank you once again Anastasia

Thanks a lot! 😊
Anastasia Kuptsova
Review by Ann R.
United States, on Jan 15, 2021

Ollie is home. She's as cute as her name. Well made. Love her.

Review by Alison W.
United Kingdom, on Jan 13, 2021

Chester is an absolutely gorgeous handsome little bear?his clothes are beautifully made, and he has a lovely expressive face, really pleased with him ❤️Thank you

Review by Alison W.
United Kingdom, on Jan 13, 2021

Emmy is a beautiful little bear, really pleased with her?she is dressed beautifully, and she has a lovely expression on her face ❤️Would highly recommend one of Anastasia’s lovely bears well worth it. Thank you ??

Review by Linda C.
Australia, on Jan 13, 2021

Beautiful Bonnie is so sweet, she is just perfect in every way. I love her colouring and outfit and her expression is very soulful. Kuptsova bears are gorgeous and now I am the proud mom to Bonnie. Thank you, Anastasia.

Review by Alexa F.
United Kingdom, on Jan 6, 2021

An incredibly sweet little bear! Beautifully made, with so many lovely details. She has so much personality as well... She arrived perfectly wrapped! Anastasia is a gifted bear artist, there is so much craftsmanship in her creations!! I look forward to my next bear from her ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you!!

Review by Tatjana B.
Latvia, on Dec 29, 2020
Review by Bambi B.
United States, on Nov 8, 2020

I fell in love right away with this sweet bear’s two-color coat, adorable face, and ice cream accent. This bear is happy and content with the small things in life! Even more beautiful in person! Made wonderfully...the feel is a bit lighter in weight like whipped ice cream...fits the personality well. Thank you!

Thank you so much! ?
Anastasia Kuptsova
Review by Jana J.
Slovakia, on Jul 31, 2020
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