Review by Obie B.
Australia, on Jan 5, 2022

A beautifully crafted happy bear. So very gorgeous.

Review by Sigrid I.
United States, on Dec 30, 2021

Another beautiful and amazing bunny Alex!! Love him from the tip of his head to the bottom of his sweet feet!! LOVE!!!

Review by Alison W.
United Kingdom, on Dec 4, 2021

Nata is absolutely adorable, the little knitted cardigan is exquisite, love all the little details, like flowers in her hair and a berry on her cardigan, Beautiful!! Thank you so much Anastasia 💝

Review by Regina S.
Switzerland, on Nov 18, 2021
Review by Obie B.
Australia, on Nov 17, 2021

Wonderful bear so very pretty and beautifully crafted

Review by Jana T.
Czech Republic, on Nov 16, 2021
Review by Obie B.
Australia, on Nov 11, 2021

Gorgeous gorgeous little bear so sweet and beautifully crafted

Review by Sia K.
Singapore, on Sep 4, 2021

Absolutely happy with Ricco! So beautifully made! He is even more adorable in person. 🥰🥰

Thank you so much! 😊
Anastasia Kuptsova
Review by Deborah M.
United States, on Sep 2, 2021

Very adorable hedgehog. Anastasia does wonderful work on her furry animals.

Thank you very much for your review Deborah! ❤️
Anastasia Kuptsova
Review by Alexa F.
United Kingdom, on Aug 20, 2021

Another wonderful addition to my collection! Nelli is the sweetest little Hedgehog girl, as always she is just so beautifully made by Anastasia, with the cutest smile and lovely little cardigan!! Wonderful soft mohair and such a perfect weight!

Thank you, once again, I look forward to my next purchase 😊❤️❤️

Review by Sharon G.
Canada, on Aug 5, 2021

Beautifully made beautiful bear! Love him! Thank you so much!!

Review by Sigrid I.
United States, on Jul 22, 2021

Another amazing and beautiful teddy hedgehog!! Love her so very much!! Makes me very happy and brings smiles to everyone who sees her!!

Thank you for your review I am very touched :)
Anastasia Kuptsova